Our organisation, Brücke zum Leben e.V., is an official doccumented organisation (VR 479) with their headquarters in Vaihingen on the Enz ind southern Germany. Our prime goals are to educate and provide health assistance for children and young Africans so that they can an opportunity to create a lasting, positive future within their communities.

To reach this goal, we nedd donars and sponsors like you to help! It cannont be done alone. There are many ways to help and here are some options that we have packed into four simple groups…

You can also take a bit of time to view the diferent projects we have started and many have been successfully completed….

Brücke zum Leben e.V./ Bridge of Life is an international organization, founded in December 2010 by Felicitas and Gerhard Koebele. Efforts are aimed at halping east Africans in the countries of Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

Brücke zum Leben e.V., International Organization, Dept. East Africa
Heidestraße 28
71665 Vaihingen an der Enz

Anerkannte gemeinnützige Körperschaft nach §§ 51 ff AO

Sitz: Vaihingen/Enz
Amtsgericht: Vaihingen/Enz
Vereinsregister VR 479
Finanzamt: Bietigheim-Bissingen
St.-Nr.: 55099/17701

Vorstand (§ 26 BGB)

Vorsitzender: Gerhard Koebele
Stellv. Vorsitzender: Hans-Peter Fleschutz
Leiterin Abt. Ostafrika: Felicitas Koebele
Stellv. Leiter Abt. Ostafrika: Siegfred Matzner
Kassenwart: Brigitta Matzner