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Maybe this is a good opportunity to give thanks because it is good for me to receive this help.
Your child

Eliezel M.

I take this chance to thank you for your support I received last term. Now days I am getting books, pens for free and you are paying school fees for me.
May God bless you. Your faithful daughter,

Shallon B. Ramah, Uganda

…appreciate for your support you offered to me…Let me thank you for the free
books, pencils and uniform and this made me very happy. Your son

Julius T. P3, Ramah, Uganda

I am here by thanking you for the help you gave me in the previous year. Your support helped me very much in my studies.
May God bless you.

Onesimus M. P5 Ramah, Uganda

I thank you for your support you gave to me…I appreciate you to help me… I am in primary 5 class.
May the almighty God give you many blessings. Yours,

Shallon B. Ramah, Uganda

I appreciate you for work you have done… I am in Prmary school now. I am happy because
that thing is not commom for orphans to get the donar/helper.

Elisa K. Ramah, Uganda

Thank you for the aid you sesnt to me as an orphan…in fact it helped me very much God bless you.

Israel N. P2 class Ramah, Uganda

I thank you for aid you sent to me as orphan. It helped me on the school dues for term 01 2012.
May the Lord God bless you. Yours,

Ben R. P2 class Ramah, Uganda